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Apply for a Grant


Thank you for your interest in preparing communities for the California Voter’s Choice Act (VCA). Voter’s Choice California (VCC), a project of Future of California Elections, will distribute $32,000 to organizations seeking to expand voter participation by supporting effective implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act in Madera and/or Nevada counties. These grants follow $316,000 in grants allocated in December 2017 and are expected to be the final grants made in advance of the 2018 elections.




The purpose of the grant program is to support community-based organizations as they prepare voters in Madera and/or Nevada counties for changes to their 2018 election processes under the Voter’s Choice Act.

Grant Size

There is no limit to the grant size organizations may request. However, please note the following:

– The total budget for this round of grants is $32,000.

– We anticipate most grants will be in the $2,000-10,000 range.

– We may allocate partial funding to some or all applicants.

Who can apply?

Non-profit and fiscally sponsored organizations are encouraged to apply. Unincorporated groups also may apply and, if selected to receive funding, would receive a contract to provide work as independent consultants. Publicly-funded organizations are not eligible to apply.  

Priority criteria

The grant review committees will prioritize organizations that meet all or some of the following criteria. Organization:

Proposes activities that are likely to increase voter participation in one or both of Madera or Nevada counties.

Outlines a unique body of work or targets a community not otherwise represented in the grant pool. 

– Has demonstrated experience successfully engaging underrepresented voter populations.

– Has a record of collaborative partnership with diverse organizations, government agencies and others.

– Plans to collaborate with Voter’s Choice California, including using strategies that reflect VCC’s goals and, if helpful, using materials produced by VCC and its partners.

Additional Guidance

– Resources are very limited so priority will be given to projects with efficient budgets.

– You may outline alternative budget options if your organization were not to receive the full amount you request. For example, your organization might request $5,000, but also note how your work would change if you were to receive a grant of $2,500.

VCC funds may not be used to support lobbying.

VCC funds may not be used for voter registration.

While we are not currently aware of other philanthropic funding available for this purpose, we would like to share applications with other potential funders if they express interest in making grants. Please let us know if you would prefer we not share your application with other potential funders.  

– We recommend reviewing the application questions before using the online application portal. You may access them here.



In Spring 2017, Future of California Elections launched Voter’s Choice California (VCC) to help counties and voters prepare for significant changes ahead for our elections. Under the California Voter’s Choice Act (VCA), which state leaders enacted in 2016, California counties will modernize their elections, most notably by changing how, when and where many voters cast their ballots. In its first year — 2018 — a handful of California counties will switch to the new voting process. Other counties will have the option of participating starting in 2020.

Voter’s Choice California seeks to support communities transitioning to the Voter’s Choice Act. The VCC is comprised of a diverse Statewide Coalition and several Local Hubs that focus on participating counties. It is supported by Future of California Elections staff and a Steering Committee. Our members are civil rights groups, advocates for effective government, community leaders, voter outreach organizations, researchers, and many others seeking to support election administrators, engage community members, and educate voters. Ultimately, we want voting to be convenient, modern and inclusive and to see voter participation rates increase,  particularly among underrepresented communities. More information about VCC is available here.

Funds for this grantmaking project were generously provided by the James Irvine Foundation. The project is fiscally-sponsored by Hopewell Fund, a 501(c)3 public charity.



Complete proposals must be submitted via Voter’s Choice California’s online grantseeker portal by Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Grant decisions will be announced by February 16, 2018.

Additional guidance

– Final applications must be submitted via the online grantseeker portal which opens on Friday, December 22, 2018. You may submit your application here.

– In order to use the portal, you must first log-in with the tax ID number of your non-profit or fiscal sponsor. If you do not have one, please contact

– The application will ask if you have an access code. You do not need one. Instead you can select: “Click to access publicly available grant applications.”

– The application is available as a PDF to help prepare your application responses in advance.



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Questions can be sent to 

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