Voter's Choice

Could this make it easier for people to commit voter fraud?

No. The Voter’s Choice Act vastly improves protections against potential voter fraud:

  • When a voter uses a vote center, county officials will verify in the statewide voter database that no other votes have been cast by that voter.
  • The VCA nearly eliminates the need for provisional ballots, which also enhances security.
  • Voters’ signatures at vote centers will be captured electronically and compared to records in the event of a challenge to their eligibility.
  • Vote-by-mail ballots also require voter signatures which must match official records, and the use of vote-by-mail will increase.
  • Vote centers will be staffed by trained professionals with strong knowledge of the law and proper voting procedures.
  • The Voter’s Choice Act requires the use of new voting equipment with enhanced security standards.
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