Voter's Choice




Need to explain the Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) to your community? We’ve got you covered.

Voter’s Choice California (VCC) has prepared many free resources and tools to support community organizations, public agencies, campaigns, and others reaching out to voters in VCA counties.

In partnership with the Office of the California Secretary of State, election officials, civil rights groups, and community organizations, we developed and tested these resources to provide consistent, accurate, and accessible information — all in plain language voters will understand.

We encourage anyone communicating with voters to use these free tools. Please feel free to share with colleagues, leaders in your community, and anyone else who talks to voters in Madera, Napa, Nevada, Sacramento, or San Mateo county.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing additional free resources including fact sheets translated into nine languages,  sample social media messages and more. Sign up here to receive updates when we post new materials you can share with your community.

General Materials:

County-specific materials:

Click on any county’s name for resources customized for each county. These include the VCC Sample Text Tool which features all the content you need to create newsletter articles, mail pieces, and other voter-contact materials.

California Secretary of State materials:

Visit for Voter’s Choice Act-related resources from the California Secretary of State, including a public service announcement video, a calendar of events, and a Voter’s Choice Act flyer in ten languages.

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