Voter's Choice

VCA Voter Outreach

California’s Voter’s Choice Act: A new way of voting, A new way of voter outreach 

This document details the changes in the voting model under the VCA compared to a neighborhood polling place voting model. It also provides the strategies for getting out the vote under the VCA as well as changes to election law that may support your GOTV strategy.

Strategies for Voter Education and Outreach Under the Voter’s Choice Act

This report provides a summary of potential solutions to common outreach and education challenges faced by communities implementing the Voter’s Choice Act in June 2018. The report includes useful appendices that can help develop outreach strategies. This report is informed by Future of California Elections’ experience managing the statewide Voter’s Choice California network and the learnings from the July 2018 VCA debrief hosted in Redwood City. The Redwood City convening brought together nearly 100 participants from community organizations and county election offices from all five VCA implementing counties.

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