The California Voter’s Choice Act aims to make voting more convenient and accessible. Eligible voters in participating counties will be able to choose when, where, and how they cast their ballot.

Voter’s Choice California supports counties and voters transitioning to the new voting process. Learn about our different resources:

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And that's a wrap! First ever vote center elections in CA done. Excited to continue learning together and getting ready for November! #MoreWaysMoreDays

#Madera #Napa #Nevada #Sacramento & #SanMateo County Voters - one hour to go and you still haven’t voted? You can Register & Vote the same day. Find a vote center near you at https://t.co/uWbOzVJ2AT @VotersChoiceCA @FutureCAElect #MoreDaysMoreWays

#Madera #Napa #Nevada #Sacramento & #SanMateo County Voters - it’s Election Day! You can vote anywhere in your county. Find a vote center near you at https://t.co/uWbOzVJ2AT @VotersChoiceCA #MoreDaysMoreWays #Vota #GOTV

Do you still have your vote-by-mail ballot? You can drop it off at any polling place, vote center, or ballot dropbox. Find locations here: https://t.co/c7pI9zfuuY

To learn more about the vote-by-mail process, watch:

Polls are open until 8 pm! Visit https://t.co/Jg1cuTWXrq for comprehensive, unbiased info on candidates and ballot measures, and get those votes cast! #GOTV #CaliforniaPrimary2018

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Beginning in 2018, several California counties will make significant changes to their elections. To ensure that counties and voters are prepared for the change, it is critical that leaders, community organizations, service providers, and others who interact with voters get involved. Click below to learn about the many ways to prepare your community.

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